Case Study: What's The Opposite of Privacy?
Medical Information Sharing.

"Verilogue provides pharmaceutical brands access into exam-room conversations between doctors and patients."

That's right, recordings made between you and your doctor. Available both to pharmaceutical manufacturers and other doctors. You can even make them available to strangers who have the same medical condition.

Jamison Barnett, one of the founders of Verilogue (now part of Publicis Healthcare Communications), the firm's CTO, and an expert in pharmaceutical market research, approached me with a need: to create a "wireframe" design for their new site idea.

What they got was a "look"—a UI, or User Interface—and a web site journey that would become the UX, or User Experience.

The goal was to make this technically complex and somewhat unsettling concept "just work", and make visitors feel at ease.

More than a wireframe, I delivered visual images that allowed them to move to the next steps in the process. Multiple approaches, colors, and images made their next decisions that  much clearer.

Successfully completed under budget and on deadline, the final project allowed Verilogue to have layout ideas to send to the programmers overseas for final site construction.

A very real part of the UX was the quality of the photography, and the mood of the subjects.

Expected visitors probably wouldn't mind sharing information, if they thought it would help someone else be more at ease.

Images depicting depression or sickness, while medically relevant, weren't presented as solutions.

All designs were consistent in being extremely clear, visually soothing, friendly, and easy to follow.

"Cool" and "trendy" were not in the design brief.

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Verilogue had a unique web site idea,
and an even more unique audience.

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