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Graphic Designer, Art Director, Brand Identity Guy, Worker Bee, Project Lead

Plan, Design, CREATE, Produce, Repeat

Talking a good game doesn't get the job done. We don't talk much. We just do. When you need well thought out, well executed communications, hit CONTACT on any page here.

Not sure what you need to do first, or where to start?
Same button.

I've saved firms millions using advanced production knowledge and technologies, helped to create a whole new type of direct marketing, and worked on the front lines with the most valuable and admired brand in the world.

Yes, working with smart teammates is the secret here.

Graphic Design

From logos and identity systems, to the quality of your printing and your choice of photography, graphic design is how you show that you're running a professional operation.  And professional does NOT mean boring, old, or "exactly as expected."

My history as a Graphic Designer includes working in both design studios and ad agencies, along with being on the other side, as the client (art director) in corporate marketing departments.

I'm lucky enough to have worked alongside creators and strategists with the highest degree of passion and talent, where we learned what works, what doesn't, and what you just have to try anyway.

Just try and give me a situation I haven't seen before, or can't excel in. I look forward to it.

Photography and
Photo Art Direction

Just calling in a "shooter" isn't the end with product or promotional photography.

 I'm expert at on-site and in-studio direction of photographers, and in selecting and editing the final visual images that will represent you.

As someone who previously worked with the Adobe team, taught Photoshop, and created everything from catalogs to billboards using the world's most advanced computer systems, this just comes natural to me.  And now, to you too.

Planning and  Strategy

What do you do first? How important is establishing your position?  Wait. What's "positioning" again?

Will the old logo work, or should it be updated (or changed completely)?

Who will actually plan, write and handle your day-to-day social media postings?

We've learned from our mistakes, both small and large (i.e., don't buy printing based on price alone when you're printing 800,000 of anything), and we  get to bring those painfully-gained smarts to your projects and brand development.

And yes, often times the best strategy is just saying, "OK, your idea's better than mine. Let's go with that."

Doesn't sound all that macho. But it works like crazy.

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