The  Blues  Is  NOT
Really  Slow  Rock & Roll

Creating a "visual language" for legends who are always bringing me new ideas.

Blues In Disguise

There are few projects that have captured my imagination as much as this 10-ish year collaboration with TJ Nix.

Did it really take 10 years to design? Of course not.

But this aspect of client service and brand building, what we simply call "sticking with it",  lets the client know that whenever they're in a place when it's time for design/strategy work, we're there and ready.

This project grew up in sections: logos, web site, posters, tickets, merchandise, CDs, DVDs, "one sheet" for the recording industry, e-blasts, and continual tweaking of all these elements.

Still rockin'.

(Just finished up his SON'S first CD, including photography, design, project management and image retouching and selection.)

CD/DVD Combo Pak

The Rubber Stamp Thing

Visual Brand Strategy

DVD & CD in one package?
Why Not?

Created this one, start to finish, concept to completion, vendor selection, deadline management, color matching, copy writing (and coaching), photo retouching, and poolside meetings.


Testing, testing...

Packaging Counts, too

When viewing the great Chick Corea and his Electrik Band in New York City, I was taken by their attention to detail in merchandising. Every t-shirt, CD, or accessory was presented in a custom printed bag.

"Great for the stars' budget", Tom Nix and I thought. But, then, my idea was, "Why not make a rubber stamp, and use easily available paper bags? It'll be more personal and memorable."

And so it was. Great vendor found (Simon's Stamps, Massachusetts), new Adobe Illustrator file sent. New rubber stamp in a week.

Building a Visual Brand

Color and choosing the right photos were key to building a visual language for this entertainer.

We tried the portraits, even sent them to his PR agency, but we all felt these were weak, expected, and yes, lame.

So we went with color. Lots of it. Rich, oversaturated, warm reds, yellows and purples (yes, purple is that unique "warm-cool color").

Our selections didn't just color how things looked. It colored what people expected when they came out. multiple sold-out appearances.
(photos: Gary Saretzky, Brian McCarthy and Edd Hoffman)

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