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So, I'm Tony B, and even though you're on my web site, this whole brand-building thing is not about me
Funny part?
If it's your business,
it's not about you, either.

I learned about reputations and brands the easy way: we built a great one at my first creative position. There were just 4 of us that made up Ric Bruce's Airon Advertising in Princeton, but we worked for Apple, Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, the USTA, Princeton University, McGraw-Hill, IBM, and many more. I also learned about startups in Princeton. Ric used to say he had more meetings in dining rooms than in board rooms!

We did our best every time, learned stuff every day, and people trusted us. If something didn't work out right, we didn't charge them. At all.

For all that, our clients rewarded us with maybe the best, most respected brand in town.

So, you see, your brand isn't what YOU say it is, it's what THEY say it is.

It's your promise, and it's their emotional reaction to how well you deliver on it.


Backstory & Experience

I’m just an art/creative director and graphic designer from Trenton, NJ who went to design school, learned from a master communicator in Princeton, did the New York ad agency thing for a minute, and settled in Philly in the late 90's with the intention of NOT wanting to become a specialist.

In the beginning of 2015, I joined the hard-working team at Philadelphia's City Council as the Council's first-ever Graphic Designer & Art Director, establishing an in-house studio I've named The Council Creative Group.

I've taught design, color theory, Mac systems, and building a visual strategy for business at 2 colleges, and worked at an agency or 2 (or 9, counting freelance). I've also been an art director in corporate America and loved that challenge.

Spent years with Apple,  introduced solutions that still save a former employer millions annually, and am working right now to create something magical. Maybe in interactive media. Or music.

Or maybe in whatever you do.



photo: Alan Goodheart, ASLA

Awards & Affiliations

  • American Graphic Design Award, logos and identity
  • Judge, national advertising competition,
    National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM)


  • AIGA Philadelphia (American Institute of Graphic Arts)
  • Art Directors' Club of Philadelphia (past Board member)
  • Philadelphia Area New Media Association (PANMA)
  • Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • Philadelphia Internet Marketing Association (PhlMA)
  • The Blues Foundation
  • National Veteran-Owned Business Association
  • Founding Board Member, Trenton Musicians Foundation
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Photo: Gary Saretzky

Happy Client, Happy Life

OK, that's a paraphrase. Anyway, here's feedback, some newer, some not so much, all true:

"The new logo looks great. The boss loves it. Stop by and see how we're using it everywhere."

Northeast Region Sales Manager.
CST Pavers

"Great work, man. Logo looks tight. I've gotten positive comments about it. It'll be on display starting tomorrow night in Philly."

DJ Malcolm Poindexter III (DJM3)

"No question the design is getting us great feedback, and making people take notice. You're definitely our graphics guy from now on."

Thomas J. Nix
Poolhouse Records

"Thanks for the online posting and social media  campaign. This was definitely a big part of this near sellout crowd here tonight."

"U Da Man."

Joe Zook
The Blues DeLuxe Band

"Thank you very much — the ad looks great! Let me know if we owe you any more money. Again, thanks."

Corrinne Gately
Modular Sound Reinforcement

"We're definitely satisfied customers. Please use my name as a reference!"

Mike Goldstein

Rapco Truck & Auto Accessory Centers, Inc.

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