Can You Make People Care?

In advertising, identity design, and brand development—basically, in all of marketing—as callous as it sounds, nobody much cares what you do...

They care what you do differently.

Unless you're the only group or business that does what you do, your prospective customers have heard it all before.

A lot.

Seek Professional Help

Brand. Positioning. Strategy. Differentiation. Engagement. Business buzzwords that are sometimes intentionally mis-explained to make you believe you need very, very expensive help. Each one can be described and explained in a single paragraph, something I do pretty regularly in my free monthly newsletter.

So what's up with “creating a Visual Brand Strategy”?

Crafting the right visual way to tell that story should be just as unique as  you are, and that's where I come in. From colors to photographs to simplicity of sharing the information you think is important...that is your Visual Brand Strategy. It's the work of a designer and art director, and there's not a computer programmer anywhere who knows or cares anything about it.

Friends in the Business

You have every reason to ask a pro designer how to work on that Visual approach to telling your story.

And now, you know one.  Contact Tony today.

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Featured Project

A small ‟personal thing”
turns into sold-out success.

Artists typically have lots of ideas. And that’s where I come in.

TJ Nix, a central New Jersey builder and home remodeler with a unique past that includes being one of the region’s most successful concert promoters and band leaders.

As clients often do, he came in with the innocent phrase, “I’ve got this idea for a new band made up of stars. But I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. You in?”

On our Blues In Disguise case history page is a rundown of what we produced over seven-plus years, including web sites, CDs, DVDs, EPs, posters, banners, t-shirts, e-blasts, tickets, rubber stamps (!),  direct mail, and the foundation of a brand and a following.

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