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Design In House, or Bring in a Pro?

We ask the right questions, always use a Design Brief (yes, there will be a written test), and build a Brand Strategy to go with your Business Strategy, Business Plan, or SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunties, and Threats).

Knowing what makes you, well, you, will help determine how best to tell the most important parts of your story.

That's something that's usually best done by somebody who's not part of the normal company structure.

Brand isn't a What. It's a Who, and a Why.

That great carpenter you pay a little more for. The restaurant that you'll wait to get into.

These are the simplest examples of good brands. See, brands aren't made by businesses, but by their customers.

Think of it like this: a brand is the customer's emotional attachment to a business, product, or service.

Do you have customers who have become friends? And, if your company ran into trouble, and you had to raise prices by 25%, would those clients never consider leaving to save money?

If you answered yes, you've built a solid brand that we can help you grow and promote to the world.

If you answered no, NOW is the time to look at that very closely. With professional help.

Featured Project

A small "personal thing"
turns into sold-out success.

Artists typically have lots of ideas. They also generally want to let the rest of us know what they are.

Tom Nix, a central New Jersey builder and home remodeler with a unique past that includes being one of the region's most successful concert promoters, had some songs, a friend with a guitar, and a desire to perform live again.

As clients often do, he came to me with the innocent phrase, "Hey, Tony, I've got this idea. But I'm not sure what I'm going to do. You in?"

On our Blues In Disguise case history page is a rundown of what we produced over a four year period, including web sites, CDs, DVDs, EPs, posters, banners, t-shirts, e-blasts, tickets, rubber stamps (!),  and the foundation of a brand and a following.

Go to the Blues In Disguise page for more>

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