What you do is awesome
and amazing.
People really, really
want to care about you.
Help ʼem out.

Can You Make People Care?

In a word, PROBABLY. But this is the modern world. Don't try to make anybody do anything. Let's tell them about you, and start there. Brand Strategy is the solution. It's about telling your story and communicating not just what you do better, but what you do that's uniquely you. It's the answer to “why me?”, or "why us?".

Visual Design is Critically Important to Your Brand

Along with that, Visual Brand Strategy is in the details. It's visual consistency, the quality of the photography, the clarity of the design and the message. Does your story makes sense to a “regular” person who's not an expert in your business? Should it?

Are YOU a Brand, and How Does That Matter?

What makes you a brand is what you promise on and deliver. And most importantly, what your current and prospective customers think of that. They decide what your brand is.

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Featured Project

A small ‟personal thing”
turns into sold-out success.

Artists typically have lots of ideas. And that’s where I come in.

TJ Nix, a central New Jersey builder and home remodeler with a unique past that includes being one of the region’s most successful concert promoters and band leaders.

As clients often do, he came in with the innocent phrase, “I’ve got this idea for a new band made up of stars. But I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. You in?”

On our Blues In Disguise case history page is a rundown of what we produced over seven-plus years, including web sites, CDs, DVDs, EPs, posters, banners, t-shirts, e-blasts, tickets, rubber stamps (!),  direct mail, and the foundation of a brand and a following.

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